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Popular Services

Exact Match Search
This search will only catch exact match trademarks. This means that it will catch only all trademark that are identical for literal element, and will belong to a certain class.
fixed Rate
Stat. of Continuous Use
This service includes: 1. A study of the status of the trademark registration. 2. Gathering from client of all the necessary pieces of information for the preparation of the Statement of Continuous...
fixed Rate
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fixed Rate
USA Exact-Match and Mid-Word Search
This is a preliminary search of the USA Federal Register of Trademarks performed by professionals. It is a powerful start! It will be delivered This search aims to catch those trademarks that should...
fixed Rate
Ext. of Time for SoU
This service includes: 1. A preliminary study of the status of the mark 2. Preparation and Filing of the Request of an Extension of Time to file the Statement of Use by a US Licensed Law firm in the...
fixed Rate
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fixed Rate
Statement of Use
This service includes: 1. Study of the trademark application status 2. Preparation and filing of the Statement of Use by the U.S. Licensed Attorney in the team. 3. Review of the specimens of use...
fixed Rate
USA Trademark Registration
This service includes: 1. An Exact-Match, Mid-Word, and Prefix U.S. Federal Register Trademark Availability Search which will avoid refusal of the registration for likelihood of confusion and...
fixed Rate

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