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U.S. Comprehensive Trademark Availability Search

An U.S. Comprehensive Trademark Availability Search is the wisest initial step to take in branding. First of all, such a search will give you the opportunity to avoid infringement problems. Second then, it will help you avoid wasting time and money. Also, by knowing what is out in the market that could be possibly similar to your idea of trademark, will help you to built a unique and more powerful brand. 

Avoid infringement problem and waste of money
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Application for U.S. Federal Trademark Registration 

Choose this package if you only want to file for registration, and get a high level of protection for your trademark. As of today, this package includes a Free Exact Match Federal Trademark Availability Search. This type of search will surely avoid exact matching conflicts with existing Federal trademarks, and is also upgradeable to catch similar trademarks. It's a powerful start!

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