Application for Trademark Registration

Questionnaire for nationwide registration in the USA or other countries

This is an easy-to-answer and interesting questionnaire about your trademark. If you cannot answer a question, just skip to the next one (unless mandatory).
Although you have to be careful filling the following form for obvious reasons, do not feel apprehensive because the information entered in the form is not going to be directly used for the purpose of preparing the official application. It will be carefully reviewed for completeness and accuracy by the team in charge and questions will be asked, if necessary, to have the clarifications needed for the preparation of the official application. Also, at the end of this form, you will find a text box where you can ask particular questions, or write what you think we need to know in regard to your trademark. So, let’s get started!

Enter the country in which you are seeking registration of your trademark.
Write the name of the applicant, that is, the name of the individual, LLC, Corporation or other legal entity owning the mark, and that uses or will use the mark.
Please enter the state or province only is applicable.
Although a phone number is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that a cellular phone number is provided including its international dialing code in the following format: +1 903….., +39 903….. etc.
If the Applicant is an Individual enter the Country of Citizenship. If the Applicant is a Corporation, LLC, or other legal entity specify the state and/or country where organized:

Enter the literal element (of your trademark – if your trademark is composed by a design only without any literal element, enter "Design only".
If your trademark is composed by a logo, please upload it here.
Provide a concise list of products and/or services that you sell or that you will (intend to) sell under your trademark. Don't be generic but concise. Don't write, for example, “Clothing”, but be more specific and write, “T-shirts, pants and socks”, or "Clothing, namely, t-shirts, pants and socks". To have ideas of the way you should provide a product or service description, you can follow this link and get to the USPTO identifications/descriptions of goods and services manual. Use keywords related to your product(s) or service(s), and retrieve ACCEPTABLE identifications/descriptions. It is usually a great guide also for other countries. You can then copy and paste the suitable description(s) here.

Now tell us about the “use” of your trademark.

Let us know if you are already using the mark in the trade of your products or services.

Here is now a section, composed of the next three fields, that you have to use only if you are applying for registration in the USA. If you are applying for registration in a country other than the USA, the next three fields do no apply to you and you have to skip them.

If you answered "YES" to previous question, can you tell us when you started using the trademark for your business, products or services? The location or geographical extent whithin which this event (INITIAL use of the mark to trade the products or services) happened does not matter ("anywhere"). It does not matter if it happened in the USA or in another country, in a small town of the US or of another coutry, in the whole US, in one state only or multiple states. What matter is when this event happened. If you don't have a precise date don't worry, just the month and the year are, or even just the year is sufficient.
If you have already started using of your trademark, and in case your trademark identifies products, did the products cross U.S. state lines bearing the mark on them, their packaging, labels, tags or similar? This could have happened for reason of sales, transportation, importation of the goods in the U.S. from abroad or exportation of the goods from within the U.S. to a foreign country. For the case your trademark identifies services, did you offer and render the service to consumers located in another U.S. state (through a proprietary website, or sites like Amazon or Ebay etc.) or did you offer and render services that affects interstate commerce (restaurants, gas stations, etc.)? IF YOU DID, FROM WHAT DATE? Month and year are, or even just the year is sufficient). If the events above described did not happen, leave blank.
If you provided a date of first use in “U.S. Interstate Commerce”, can you show us how you are using the trademark for your products or services with pictures or screenshots? For example, for products, you could provide a picture of a packaging, tag, label, the product itself bearing the mark, or a screenshot of a website checkout page where the trademark is shown, the product is described or pictured, and there is a price and a “buy” button. For services, for example, a screenshot of a website or social account page where the trademark is shown and the services offered could be acceptable. Also, a picture or file of marketing material could be sufficient. You can copy and paste screenshots, pictures, links and the like. Please not that the trademark that is shown on the specimen, for the specimen to be acceptable, usually, must be identical or nearly identical to the trademark we filed for.

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