Global Registration

A global registration is usually needed for global products or services. It is a very expensive project, and only for the pockets of fortune 500 companies and entities capable of a large intellectual property investment.

The project involves various phases and starts with a global branding/clearance phase for the proposed trademark, which can only be implemented by highly specialized naming and branding professionals. This phase requires a multi-language analysis and a screening of the mark and its meaning, in view of its global use, as well as global trademark availability searches. This phase is then followed by a global strategy application for registration plan that is built depending on various factors and actions derived from such a plan.

It is a very expensive project for time, specialized skills, and sophisticated tools needed to implement it, as well as the actual costs involved, such as government filing fees and service fees. Given the large number of countries involved, the complex and expensive branding phase, the substantial amount of correspondence, and the inevitable instances of necessary interventions in the prosecution of applications filed in a large number of countries, as well as the numerous government filing fees that must be paid, we require the purchase of this service as a package. This package should include the cost of branding and clearance, the preparation and filing of the applications, the government filing fees, the cost of said interventions for the prosecution of the applications, as well as the docketing of the applications until the applied-for trademark matures into a globally registered trademark. The above-named interventions for the prosecution of the applications usually involve the necessary cooperation of foreign attorneys of our international organization.
In fact, to respond to refusals or communications issued by a foreign country trademark office it is usually necessary the action of an attorneys licensed in the country of the intellectual property office requesting the intervention. These necessary interventions are not uncommon when an application for trademark registration is filed. In fact, notwithstanding the extreme care that can be put into the preparation of the application, each country has its own particular demands, and requests of adjustments of the applications are almost the norm. These interventions are always costly as they are interventions in strict legal procedures.

Given these foreseeable scenarios, we offer this service as a service package, and for convenience, as hinted above, for a fixed fee. Otherwise, it would become an extremely complicated and time-consuming work, not only for us, but also for the client, every time it would become necessary, for each country involved (let’s imagine for about 200 countries), to go back and forward with detailed communications, invoices, transactions, payment of government filing fees, payment of foreign correspondent attorneys, etc. We take care of of such necessities avoiding a long term hectic involvement of the client. This is the rationale of the required fixed fee for this service package which we require to be paid upfront. With such an offer, we allow entrepreneurs, company officers and managers to focus on the growth of their business, and not on hundreds of transactions of all kinds generated by a project of the magnitude of this sort.

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