Trademarks are pieces of property of value. As such, they need to be taken care of.

The management we offer at present is of three types:

  • Post Registration Management
  • Monitoring
  • Application Management

Post Registration Management

The post registration management is usually carried on, at registrant’s request, for the time the trademark registration is in force, and to keep it in force. Trademarks are usually renewed every 10 years, and can be renewed indefinitely. Depending on the country of registration, the registration management may differ and require unique interventions.

For Federal USA trademarks, during the first 10 years of registration, it is mandatory the TIMELY professional preparation and filing in the USPTO of specific documents within certain time windows, namely, the Statement of Continuous Use between the 5th and 6th year from the date of registration, and the Statement of Continuous Use and Application for Renewal between the 9th and the 10th year from the date of registration. Failing to file these documents cause the cancellation of the registration.

Remembering about the above-described tasks, and and the actual performance of them may seem easy, but it is not. Another important document can be filed during this time is the Declaration of Incontestability. This declaration renders the original application that matured into a registration incontestable under certain profiles and would prevent a third party from claiming/contesting some irregularities in the original application that could render it, otherwise, invalid. The attempt to challenge the regularity of an application/registration is made usually by the applicant for an application that might have been refused registration for likelihood of confusion with the registered mark.

Entrusting the management of a trademark registration to us, be it a U.S. or foreign trademark registration, would also allow a licensed law firm, where necessary, or a trademark specialist, where possible, to be of record for the registration in the intellectual property office of relevance and receive crucial communications regarding the registration from such office or third parties. This is VERY important as some communications may be misunderstood by lay people and the cost of missing a communication could be high, including the complete loss of trademark rights.

You can select the 10-year Post Registration Package from the top menu under the Management tab of the top menu if available.


This service is not presently offered. It is coming soon.

Application management

The application management is a service that is offered to those that might have applied for registration of a trademark pro-se and need help prosecuting the application, or intend have a new attorney assuming the representation of the applicant before the government trademark office of relevance. It involves usually a study of the status of the trademark application and an assumption of legal responsibility for the trademark application by filing the relevant documents (usually a new power of attorney).