Branding, specifically under the trademark profile, could be considered as the creation of the “image” that encompasses the environment, feelings, projections, goals and even dreams, you, as the business owner, intend your customers to relate to and experience when interacting with your company, when thinking to buy from your company and to have a relationship with the product or service after the purchase.


Hance, branding will be about choosing the colors, lines, design elements, fonts, words, and messages, for your trademark and marketing material, that will help and bring your potential clients or actual client reach and experience that environment, those feelings, goals, and dreams your business seeks to offer and that it foresees its target audience desires and wants to reach, experience and identify with.
This phase of branding can be accomplished with your input and the help of a talented graphic artist and by choosing appropriate names/words for the trademark or slogan/tagline.


Now, notwithstanding this important creative part of the process, in branding, it is necessary to think also to the necessity, demanded by law and by obviousness, to create a unique trademark under the literal element profile and design/logo profile. “Uniqueness” is a very important and accomplishing word in this context. So, how does it work? How is “uniqueness” reached?
The “uniqueness” of a trade-mark is verified and cleared through conflict searches per spelling, sound, commercial impression, as well as per design elements (letters style, shapes and colors). Such searches should be performed at least in the geopolitical areas where the trademark is going to be used (in a nation, like the USA or Canada, a multinational jurisdiction like Europe, or at a much larger geopolitical level depending on the business market of interest).
Trademark clearance searches can be of various degree of complexity depending on the areas/jurisdiction/trademark register/country in which they have to be performed; the larger is the number of countries or jurisdictions or areas or trademark registers to work on, the more complex the search becomes.


We offer a variety of pre-packaged searches and you can always contact us for a custom order.
Branding, to which the naming process and clearance belong, can therefore vary in cost and could go from an entry level to a very high level and expensive service.
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