International Registration

The international registration of a trademark is a registration in multiple countries that can be obtained by various strategies.

A business or an individual can file several independent national applications in the various countries of interest in different times – in this case the “National Registration” service can be used – or file one application through one or more multi-country intellectual property organizations like, for example, the EUIPO (European Intellectual Property Organization) to which the 27 states of the European Union participate – in this case the “International Registration” top menu tab can be used to find the various multi-country intellectual property organizations available.

One further strategy is that of filing an International Application thorough the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) with the opportunity to file in a large number of countries among those that are signatories to the WIPO-administered Madrid Agreements. This last strategy requires a basic application filed, or registration obtained in the “country of origin” of the applicant for the International Application. From the top menu look at the various offers available under the “International Registration” top menu tab.

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