Stat. of Continuous Use
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This service includes:

1. A study of the status of the trademark registration.

2. Gathering from client of all the necessary pieces of information for the preparation of the Statement of Continuous Use including the specimens of use that prove continuous use of the mark.

3. The professional preparation and filing of the Statement of Continuous Use by the law firm in the team.

Note: During the purchase of this service, under the EXTRA tab, users are offered additional services that could be beneficial to the registration (Declaration of Incontestability). In addition, under the EXTRA tab, user can pay for the government filing fee.

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Our USA Team is composed by a project manager, a U.S. licensed attorney, a trademark research specialist and an administrative assistant who will make sure you are provided with an excellent service. Some members of our team count on 20 years of experience in the trademark field providing trademark services in the USA and internationally. The USA Team is the main team of

What is the service fee for the Statement of Continuous Use?

$149 for one class and $75 for any additional class over the first. - you will be able to select the service fee for the additional class over the first under the EXTRA tab. You should know how many classes you are registered under from the message received alerting you of the necessity to file the Statement of Use. If you are new, and you do not know or remember the number of classes you are registered under, please sign up and contact our team. We will be glad to help you.

What is the government filing fee for the Statement of Continuous Use?

$225 per class of products or services.

What is the government filing fee for the Declaration of Incontestability?l

$200 per class of products or services.

Is the Declaration of Incontestability mandatory?

No. It is certainly a great advantage because, apart for certain rare cases, it renders the application/registration incontestable by third parties which might intend to cancel the registration as it might be an obstacle to theirs or for other reasons. In their intent to do so, they will try to raise all the possible issues to invalidated it. The Declaration of Incontestability prevents exactly that.

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Service Cost
Service Cost
$100.00 +
$75.00 +
$236.00 +
$210.00 +
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