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This service includes:

  • A preliminary study and assessment of the proposed trademark, including its compliance with the Amazon Brand Registry. 

  • An Exact-Match, Mid-Word, and Prefix U.S. Federal Register Trademark Availability Search which will avoid refusal of the registration for likelihood of confusion and infringement problems. A search report will be delivered accompanied by an explanatory letter about the search results.

  • The gathering, through a professionally organized questionnaire, of all the pieces of information necessary for the performance of the trademark availability search and the preparation of the application.
  • The Application for U.S. Federal Trademark Registration prepared and filed by the U.S. Licensed Attorney in the team.

  • The Docketing and Management of the Application until it matures into registration.

  • Responses to Non-Substantial Refusal Office Actions (not included)

  • The delivery of the Official Registration Certificate.


  • The service fee does not include the USPTO filing fee that will be paid by the applicant at the time of filing. We will provide the applicant with a link to perform payment of the filing fee directly to the USPTO via a debit or credit card.

  • Although the possibility to pay for the filing fees is available under the EXTRA tab, please use this option only if you have been previously instructed to do so. 

  • Please read the F.A.Q. on the USPTO filing fees for this service.

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Our USA Team is composed by a project manager, a U.S. licensed attorney, a trademark research specialist and an administrative assistant who will make sure you are provided with an excellent service. Some members of our team count on 20 years of experience in the trademark field providing trademark services in the USA and internationally. The USA Team is the main team of

What are all the basic costs for an Application for Trademark Registration?

Service: $450 (this is a custom offer and may show a different price). Government filing fee: $250 per trademark/product category (class) to be paid at the time of filing. In quite rare instances, the filing fees could be $350 per trademark/product category (class) to be paid at the time of filing. This happens if in the application is not possible to describe your products or services using pre-approved product and service descriptions provided by the USPTO that are already connected to a specific class and class number. In the latter case, the USPTO examiner of your application will have to work more to assess what category/class your products or services belongs to, despite any class selection, and if the descriptions are grammatically and logically correct and acceptable for the trademark law. All this makes the application filing fee higher.

Are there any other costs or fees associated with the Registration of a Trademark?

Well, it depends. There are TWO main types of application. 1. Application based on actual use of the trademark in "US Interstate Commerce". 2. Application based on "Intent to Use in US Interstate Commerce in the Future". The US Patent and Trademark Office system allows entrepreneurs to start protecting their trademarks EVEN WHEN THEY ARE IN THE ORGANIZATIONAL PHASE. This is a great opportunity! Imagine, you start organizing, spending money for logos, marketing, web design, and after all that you file, and it is TOO LATE: you find out that, while organizing your business, you trademark "has been taken". So, it is a great opportunity to have, but it comes with a condition: that you file the so said "Statement of Use in US Interstate Commerce" later. The rule is that before you can get to registration you have to show use of your trademark in US Interstate Commerce. If you do not do it initially (you file on the basis of Intent to Use, because you are still in the organizational phase), you will have to do it later filing a Statement of Use - no worries; we willmanage this step for you! The Statement of Use is a document that although can be filed spontaneously after the application, it will be required to the applicant about one year from the application. With the Statement of Use a $100 government filing fee will have to be paid. Our service charge for the Statement of Use is $149. But all this, again, will be required one year about from the application date. The Statement of Use is not necessary if you file the application on the basis of "Use in Commerce" for the Statement of Use is substantially included in the application. Last things about fees. After the filing, the application goes through an examination by a USPTO examining attorney. Just an application does NOT grant automatically registration. The trademark application filed can be refused registration for many reasons. If a formal legal response is needed to overcome the refusal, the law firm can charge from $80 on a simple issue to $590 on more complex issues like likelihood of confusion. For any response there is a basic fee of $50.

Should I pay for the USPTO filing fee under the EXTRA tab?

No, unless you have been instructed to do so by the team in charge. The reason being is that the number of classes of products and services one has to apply under, and related fees to pay to the USPTO, can only be determined after an analysis of the information you will provide via a questionnaire after the purchase of the service.

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Service Cost
Service Cost
$259.55 +
$263.65 +
$363.16 +
$368.90 +
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