U.S. Post Registration Management

Application for U.S. Trademark Registration Management

The services provided for the application for trademark registration management, in our system, are services that are needed for the application to mature into a registration. They may be a necessary or eventual part of the application prosecution process. The most common filings are the Statement of Use (or Statement of Alleged Use) and the request of an Extension of time to File the Statement of Use in application based on “Intent to Use”.

U.S. Trademark Post Registration Management

The management of a trademark regisration instead, refers to the maintenance filings that must be performed to keep the registration alive, namely, the Statement of Continuous Use (5 years from the registration), and the Statement of Continuous Use and Application for Renewal (9 years from the registration). One of the filings that could be performed during the post-registration time is also the Declaration of Incontestability. This is an important filing often underestimated, that makes the application incontestable under certain profiles.